Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Western Shorts: First Selection (Gerald Swan, 1944)

Gunhawk Branded By Clarry Alton
Death in The Quiet Canyon by Dallas Kirby
Dobbie, The Bandit and Dolores By F.W. Murray
The Second Notch by  Wallace Arter

I picked up a nice batch of Pulps for around £3, including some nice Detective/Crime stuff. It also contained some nice Western Pulps, something I don't go looking for but will pick up the nice ones. Anyways they arrived in the post and the guy had put this one in for free (amongst another three) what a gent.

Gerald Swan is a publisher which I collect for it's raw primitive style covers and I didn't have this one as it's quite a rare book from 1944, it's the first in a series of five(they also published many other Western Pulps) 

What's great about these books also is the writers pen names like Dallas Kirby, this was common practise back in the 1940's/50's to make the authors sound 'American'. Take a peak at the Cowboy on the cover, total bad ass who'll slug your grandmother in her butt crack.

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