Thursday, 9 August 2012

Two Great Sleaze Pulps With Gene Bilbrew Art.

Vacation Fun by Lee O. Miller (Wizard Books, 1967)
Neighborly Love by Frank Eaton (Corsair Books, 1968)

The Death Cycle Fury or Two Biker Pulps From The 1960's.

The Death Cycle by Charles Runyon (UK Gold Medal Books, 1963)

 Sometimes I wonder if I’m really a fiction writer.  The motorcycle story was based on an unusual honeymoon my wife and I took, riding double on a Harley through the back roads of Mexico in 1957.  Add another couple, a murder, a stash of cash and some loose gash and you get The Death Cycle.  It was fun to write, and to know that every bone-rattling jolt on that old Harley was paying off in hard core realism.
John Runyon.

Cycle Fury by Reggie Car

Two classic Biker books from the 1960's. A popular genre spawned by the interest in all things Hells Angels. NEL books would later dominate the genre with the likes of Mama, Chopper and a slew of other English imitators.

Both have sublime cover art and some amazing stuff on the reverse and remember the names Terrible, Itchy and Joe, they are coming for our wifes no doubt.