Thursday, 28 June 2012

Occult: A Collection of Stories of the Supernatural (Gerald Swan, 194?)


The Guide by Irene Amesbury
Call of The Pool Godess by John C. Craig
The Room Without Windows by W. P. Cockcroft
The Fulfilment by Alexander O. Pearson
Sir Rodney Keeps A Date by Andrew Ringwood
The Window by Winifred M. Carnegie
Binker's Ghost by A. C. Bailey

Gerald Swan is one of those publishers that new items are frequently been discovered. They re-bound, re-issued and re-packaged more than most other UK publishers and infomation is scarce when it comes to dates etc. They printed a lot of US Pulp Magazines inlcuding some very rare editions of Weird Tales.

Wonderful ink drawing on the cover,  check out those demons with the Devil, this was published when paper rations were in full force and the paper here is so thin that the type comes trough from the previous page.

The storys are short and to be honest pretty terrible, worth picking up for the cover, two volumes were published, the second one doesn't turn up to often. The date given to this one ranges from 1941-1946.


  1. Wow... that's cover's so cheap looking... it's creepy! Ha!

  2. Yes, nearly all the art from this company is the same, that's why it;s so collectable.