Sunday, 22 July 2012

Detective Novels Magazine - Issue 1 UK Edition (Thrilling Publications, 1938)

Note the slight difference in artwork from the UK (left) to the US (right)

The Garden of Hanging Men by Norman A. Daniels.
Dead Man's Gold by E. Hoffman Price.
Pardon Death's Glove by Donald Bayne Hobart.
Burst of Glory by John L. Benton.
Hot Freight by Avin H. Johnstone.
Thirteenth Witness by Herman Landon.

As with the last entry this was also published by Pemberton's of Manchester  and distributed by WDL (World Distributors Ltd) although this was a few years earlier in 1938. This seems to be a straight reprint of the US issue from the tale end of 1937.

I'm not 100% sure I like the cut out style artwork, whilst the painting is great it just feels like it's missing something, well it is DOH! but you get what I'm saying, the prolific Norman Daniels tends to comes up with a decent yarn and he doesn't disappoint here, his short also gets the interior artwork treatment pictured below.

Great, if a little dark in theme artwork that accompanies Daniel's piece.


  1. Garden of hanging men! Excellent title! Hell... I could make paintings based on these titles and never have to think up a new one ever again.

  2. I often do, so inspiring are the pulps.