Sunday, 22 July 2012

3 Detective Novels Issue 1 - UK Edition (Thrilling Publications, 1949)

The UK edition is on the left and on the right is the US proof copy.

Death on An Ocean Liner by Richard Sale.
The Murder Bridge by George Harmon Coxe.
To Tough To Die by George Bruce.

Right! first things first, look at the cover art........look again closely and tell me what you see? you probably see a fine Rudolph Belarski bad ass dame, popping a cap in an unsuspecting dudes ass painting? right now screw your eyes up think Russ Meyer and look up close, yes the the dame is so jazzed up with her gun action her nipples are erect, you could hang your coat on them bad boys.

Now that's out of the way let's tackle the Pulp its self. It was published by Pemberton's of Manchester in 1949 and distributed by WDL (World Distributors Ltd) the book is a reprint of the November 1949 issue of 5 Novels Magazine(top right image) omitting Paul Ernst's The Hooded Killer & Steve Fisher's Murder in Mexico.

This was a very common practise in the UK when reprinting US titles, this edition would set you back the princely sum of 9d. So an essential purchase in regards to both the artwork and content, marvellous.

Wonderful interior artwork from the UK edition.

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  1. Who you gonna pop with that cap gun Missy? Being beaten to death (if your not "to tough"... with a "flap jack"... is a much cooler way to go. Great art!