Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Changeover by Duane Davis ( 1968, In Library Books) & Crazy For it by Todd Kingley ( 1968, New Library Books )

Two stunningly sleazy titles from this Las Vegas publisher, Changeover is not a simple tale of woman dumps man, women goes with woman, nope here is a snippet from the back cover including the misspelling of Desirable.

Most Teasing of all was the freak-ish change in a certain delectable, desireble, delicious babe that he was interested in. For He found out that she hadn't always been a woman"

The cover art is marvellous, with everything busting out ( including perspective )  Mr dapper giving it plenty of squeeze on the charm front, as the two (or possibly one) Lady's give him the look that says, well let's do rude things motherfucker. 

Next up is Crazy For it, look at that bastard on the cover, five women all with smiles on there faces, what's his secret? well it could lay in the hands of artist Ed Alexander who crafted this epic I've just banged these five beavers and it was easy type cover art.

Just don't tell my wench about these books stuffed under the bed.