Thursday, 31 May 2012

None Should Look By Robert KIngston ( M.C. Pulications)

Tell Me this fine young lady doesn't look a little like Madonna? 

Another great UK pulp I imported back from the States (hence the 35c stamp on the cover, a well travelled book indeed) it seems that a batch of mint unsold Pulps turned up in a warehouse find a few years back. These included a plethora of Leisure Library Titles like Make Mine A Shroud, Death For A Doll and many more, all with gorgeous Reginald Heade GGA (Good Girl Art).

This M.C. Published book was also among them making them all more affordable than the UK first editions which remain elusive to even the most avid collectors.

This cover is so evocative of the era (late 1940's/early 1950's) a well to do dame polishing her nails in her boudoir, not quite as lurid as some titles, but still a wonderful piece and the colours sure do pop. No artist is credited but one can't help but be reminded of H.W. Perl's work. Again no year of publishing, but the 1'- price tag and art would suggest late 1940's.

Nice add on the inner pages for more books from M.C. Publications.

Hank Tries The Sidewalk By Griff (Modern Fiction, 195?)


An author so bad ass he only needed to use a single name and what a name, Griff. Nice UK Mushroom title that is becoming increasingly difficult to track down. Classic Gangster cover, very primitive and typically violent. I'm guessing they used the name "Hank" to cash in on the popularity of author Hank Janson?

Inner cheesecake art.

Published sometime in the 1950's, but like many books published in this era it's undated and information is scarce. Griff has his name attached to a number of classic titles like Curves Can Cast Shadows, Vice Queens on Broadway and Trading With Bodies. Essential stuff.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Whipping by Roy Flannagan (Bantam Books, 1950)


I couldn't believe my eyes when they fell upon this cover. A horde of KKK members nonchalantly surround and innocent young lady in bed, then the title of the novel smacks you in the kisser, KAPOW! This artwork holds no punches and they're all landing way below the belt.

"Like Hell She Would Leave Town"

The Novel was originally published in 1930 and reprinted in paperback form by one of the major book publishers Bantam. I guess The Ramones were right after all "The KKK Took My Baby Away" Not easy to find, but this copy is pretty beat, but for £3 I'm not complaining.

The Abortionist By Aaron BEll (Kozy Books 140, 1961)

This is the first post in my blog Pulps 'n' PPaperbacks, in a series of I don't know how many? I sold my entire Pulp collection 10 years ago due to my shitty financial situation. I've recently been getting the Pulp collecting itch and felt the need to scratch it.

So as way of documenting what I have picked up, I'll show some of the wildest artwork, cover blurbs from the US and UK.

I'm no expert and I'm doing this more to catalogue what I have and maybe meet some like minded Pulp collectors from around the globe, get in touch and maybe we can trade.

Now on with the show.

Classic title and cover artwork, just take a look at the abstract painting on the wall. Takes the sleaze out of the picture, well almost. It's a thinking mans cover as they say.

Nice adds, one is on the reverse of the book for Peter Lewis' Father of The Amazons. The other is a general add for Kozy books which inlcudes The Abortionist.

Kozy books are well worth tracking down and cheap to boot, expect to pay around $10/$15 for this book in good condition from dealers, maybe a little more if your in the UK like me. But as with anything keep digging and it may turn up.