Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ray Theobald Art, Three From the Curtis Warren Stable.

Winged Guns By Ken Ford ( Curtis Warren Books, 1953 )

Six Gun Law By Tex Faro ( Curtis Warren Books, 1953)

Space Men By David Shaw ( Curtis Warren Books, 1951)

A nice trio of Mushroom titles popped through my letter box this week. Two things connect them, they were all published by the prolific Curtis Warren Publishers based in Holbex House London and the cover art is by the wonderful Ray Theobald.

Spanning Aero Fiction, Western and Sci-Fi genres. Pick of the bunch has to be the Space Men cover, unusually this doesn't bare the authors name (he penned a further two books for Curtis) as if stating  "SCIENCE FICTION" is enough of a selling point alone.

 This is the Swedish Pingvin Books edition, utilising similar  artwork as Theobald's, they published a large number of Curtis Warren titles.

Ray Theobald's distinctive signature.

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  1. That Space Men cover is so awesome that I can't think of any reason why people still feel the need to create new art...