Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Best of The Bunch by Alice E. Rowe ( Jolly Miller Books,194?)

Printed and published by L. Miller & Sons Ltd, 344 and 352, Hackney Road, London E.2. this is just about all the information I could scrape from the over sized pamphlet apart from the advert on the rear (see above) for more titles, if they were indeed published. No price tag either????

Jolly Miller Books are better know for their children's hardback titles about planes, trains and cars etc that ran into the late 1960's at least. The author Alice E. Rowe penned a large number of Romance pamphlets and books for publishers like Newnes, Piccadilly and Phoenix in the 1930's/40's. So this could possibly date the book?

It's a pretty standard Crime/Romance yarn that stretches some 33 pages, but the real interest for me is the stunning three colour cover that is full of atmosphere, just look at the claws on the shadow, wonderful. If anyone has anymore information then please get in touch.

The Jolly Miller.


  1. Totally easier to read! Thank you! Love the early "comic book vibe" drawing. Very graphic and beautiful!

  2. No problem, thanks for pointing out, I always forget about the old folk ;) anymore improvements then please let me know. Yes I realy love covers like this, so simple but striking, if only I could paint like that.