Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Range Stories By Gunne Hutchinson (Date Unknown possibly mid 1940's?)

Another recent western acquisition is this rather obscure Pulp From Eire titled Range Stories by Gunne Hutchinson (gotta be a classic pseudonym?) Now Eire didn't publish that many Pulps, but what they did knock out is rare and highly sort after.

My research has drawn blanks (bit of western innuendo geddit?) the only information I could scrape from the book is a English distributor Fudge & Co. LTD Sardinia House London W.C.2. The cover states Y.J. McCann & Co Ltd Dublin Eire, this one presumes is the publisher? it also has two price tags, one for 20c and another for 1/. this could be a ploy to make buyers think it's an American publication, thus a more authentic Western yarn.

Unusual for the period is the lack of adds in the book, not a single one. So your left with some pretty decent b-grade western material and a fantastic three colour cover, very primitive (that word again) but so evocative and full of life. This is what collecting old mags and books is all about, discovery and adventure for under $5.

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