Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another Girl's Secret by Paul Dupont(Martin & Reid Books,194?)

Romance Pulps hmmmmmmmmmmmm, not many people seem to collect them. But once in a while they transcend the rose smelling sweatness and offer something far more interesting.

Prime example is this undated 16 page "Romance" pulp from possibly the late 1940's. This is number 1 in a run of who knows how many. Classic gangster type dame dressed for a night on the town whilst another woman looks after her ligitimate baby.

The three colour cover is fantastic, just look at the dame, she doesn't give a fuck, bad to the bone. So keep on checking those dusty book shops, carboots or junk shops, as these pulps can be far more subversive than the more lurid stuff,  sometimes been this suttle has far more impact.

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