Monday, 11 June 2012

Flesh Devils By J.K. WIlliams (Pillar Books, 1963) Lust Team By Andrew Shole (Ember Books, 1963)

Two classic sleaze titles, although different book publishers are listed they both come from the same house no doubt.

Flesh Devils cover is full of humour, woman ties up guy, another runs in from the back laughing. Looks like a hoot. Real primitive stuff here, with little detail other than a little murky water, common with titles from this series.

Next up is Lust Team, a far more in your face piece of pulp art. That's a strategically placed knife if I ever did see one. Interesting to note that this book was sold at newsagents across the United States, when this sort of tawdry cover would have been banned in the United Kingdom. You see UK censors didn't allow a breast to be in the same vicinity as a knife, so we have to tanks them for saving us from this type of filth.

Well worth picking up, but not easy if your in the UK, the books themselves are pretty nasty affairs perfect for those rain soaked Sunday afternoons.


  1. Yeah... theys having fun... you can see them smiling!

  2. The guy tied up looks as though he didn't like it, but here's coming around to the idea.