Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Moon Monsters by Roy Marquis (Barington Gray, 1951)

Mushroom publisher Barrington Gray are more widely known for their Gangster titles (see second scan above, great little add for two mouth watering titles) this is the only Sci-Fi/Fantasy title I've ever come across. I imported this near mint copy from the USA for $3, which for how scarce this is was a steal (even with inflated shipping costs)

The cover art is just flat out great, not too overblown with unnecessary blasters and lasers and googly eyes. I can't help been reminded of The Day The Earth Stood Still which was released in the same year. With a lot of pulp artists been under insanely tight deadlines this is a common occurrence with UK titles. it would have set you back 1/6 at your local newsagents.

Wonderful bad ass dame with a gun interior artwork that as nothing to do with te book, but points to the other genres favoured by Barrington Gray.


  1. Wait... are you saying a cover can sport one too many blasters and goggly eyes? Less is more or more is more? Pulp artists didn't have time to ponder the finer points of art. This is an amazing cover!

  2. Hahaha, it's a much more sedate kind of cover to the usual stuff served up in the early 1950's.