Thursday, 31 May 2012

None Should Look By Robert KIngston ( M.C. Pulications)

Tell Me this fine young lady doesn't look a little like Madonna? 

Another great UK pulp I imported back from the States (hence the 35c stamp on the cover, a well travelled book indeed) it seems that a batch of mint unsold Pulps turned up in a warehouse find a few years back. These included a plethora of Leisure Library Titles like Make Mine A Shroud, Death For A Doll and many more, all with gorgeous Reginald Heade GGA (Good Girl Art).

This M.C. Published book was also among them making them all more affordable than the UK first editions which remain elusive to even the most avid collectors.

This cover is so evocative of the era (late 1940's/early 1950's) a well to do dame polishing her nails in her boudoir, not quite as lurid as some titles, but still a wonderful piece and the colours sure do pop. No artist is credited but one can't help but be reminded of H.W. Perl's work. Again no year of publishing, but the 1'- price tag and art would suggest late 1940's.

Nice add on the inner pages for more books from M.C. Publications.

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  1. HI. Wondering why you are using the name of artist H. W. Perl? Are you a fan of Perl's covers (if so, ditto) Please feel free to contact me direct at Love many of your postings regarding English cover art.